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Sports Medicine

Sports medicine includes the relationship between the functions of the human body and its performance in the various sports disciplines as well as prevention and treatment of sports injuries. Sports medicine is a rapidly growing medical branch and includes modules from different fields, mainly orthopedics and internal medicine.

Why is it useful to examine recreational athletes on a regular basis?

Physical health is a prerequisite for participation in sport. Due to the current “fitness boom” people start sports whithout having been physically active before. Many of these people have not participated in sports for a long time due to work and / or family obligations but wish to resume exercisimg in middle or later life.
Before starting sports, it is recommended to perform a thorough medical examination to determine the current health status as well as the current fitness level in order to create a recommendation for a particular sport or a particular training program depending on the examination results. Medical examinations are also performed for early detection and or avoiding of dysfunctions, disorders and sports injuries.

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