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Pain Management

Pain management means not only the treatment of chronic pain but especially the treatment of acute pain syndromes (eg, herniated intervertebral discs or shingles) as prophylaxis of chronicity (the development of a chronic pain illness) with the aim of full recovery from pain, and thus complete return to the private and professional lives as fast as possible. This target has a special importance for us.

Pain disorders include amongst others:
• chronic facial pain and headaches (Migraine, tension headache, trigeminal neuralgia)
• Pain in the spine (also acute sciatica)
• Musculoskeletal pain including rheumatic pain
• Cancer Pain
• Phantom pain
• Postherpetic neuralgia (after shingles)
• Dystrophy (Sudeck´s atrophy)
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Myofascial pain

We offer different therapeutic approaches, in addition to drug therapies and specific invasive techniques (blockages) the alternative methods include:

• acupuncture based on Traditional Chinese Medicine
• manual therapy and Tuina
• transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS)
• Infrared treatment
• Extracorporeal focused Stosswellenterapie
• Laser treatment (s. unten)

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