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Individual Health Services

Individual health services are services for which a liability of the statutory health insurance (SHI) is not granted because they do not fall within the scope of the statutory health insurance or are performed at the patient´s request. There are services that can be useful in individual cases and can only be provided on a private account.

The focus of prevention according to our experience and current scientific findings is on:

Clinical screening tests for
• Prevention of stroke
• Prevention of heart attack
• Prevention of colorectal cancer

Laboratory Test Listing

• “Interval check-up”: additional annual health examination
• General check-up”: comprehensive outpatient preventive examination

Instrument-based screening tests
• “Sono check-up”: sonographic check-up of the abdominal organs
• “Stroke Prevention”: Doppler sonography of the cerebral arteries in the absence of suspicious medical history or clinical abnormalities
• Pulmonary function testing (spirometry) for early detection of respiratory diseases
• Examination for early detection of prostate cancer by measuring PSA

Diagnostic laboratory services on request
• Blood group determination
• HIV testing upon request outside of risk groups
• “Laboratory check-up”: Analysis of ESR, blood morphology, liver and kidney values, and possibly other laboratory parameters
• Reason-related laboratory-part test on patients’ wishes (eg, liver function, kidney function, blood lipids, sex hormones)
• Thyroid screening: TSH test in women age > 45 years with no clinical abnormalities or a suspicious history
• Tests to exclude from metal allergies (eg amalgam) without the presence of a suspicious history or clinical evidence

Alternative therapies
• Acupuncture

Recreation, travel, sport, profession
• Travel medicine, including vaccination advice
• Sports medicine consultations
• Sports medicine preventive examination
• Aptitude tests (eg, travel, fitness to fly, diving)

Medical services
• Medical examinations and certificates outside the physicians’ duties at the request of the patient (eg, certificate of cancellation of travel or for attending

Medical services to improve the well being
• Diet counseling without the presence of a disease – group treatment for obesity
• Technical advice on complementary medicine in the context of prevention and lifestyle (eg ace, melatonin, DHEA, L-carnitine, trace minerals, Echinacea)
• Administration of vitamins and other supplements on patient’s request

Other optional services
• Smoking cessation
• Injection of a drug which is non-prescribable at the expense of the SHI on patient’s request (eg,cartilage-protecting substances)

Novel diagnostic and therapeutic procedures including
• Oxygen Therapy according to Prof. Ardenne
• Extracorporeal focused and radial shock wave therapy
• Lasertherapy

Here are some examples of our services:

Extended check-up as an additional service
in context of the statutory health screening laboratory: uric acid, creatinine, triglycerides, HDL / LDL cholesterol, gamma-GT, blood morphology (GOÄ numbers 3583, 3585, 3565, 3563, 3592, 3550 per 1.056-fold)
16 €

Check-up beyond
the statutory health screening. consultation, blood collection, laboratory: glucose, uric acid, creatinine, triglycerides, cholesterol, HDL / LDL-Chol, gamma-GT, blood morphology (GOÄ numbers 1 2.15-fold, 250 1.8 times; 3560, 3583, 3585, 3565, 3562, 3563, 3592, 3550)
>34 €

Preoperative laboratory testing
((In preparation for cosmetic surgery) glucose, GGT, potassium, creatinine, blood morphology, Quick / INR, blood collection (digits 3560, 3592, 3557, 3585, 3550, 3606 per 1.043-fold, 250 1.8-fold)
20 €

Electrocardiogram (ECG)
not medically necessary, on patient´s request (Section 651-1.7x)
25 €

Exercise ECG
not medically necessary, on patient´s request (Section 651-1.7x)
45 €

on request(ultrasound examination) of the liver, pancreas, kidneys, gallbladder (GOÄ numbers 410, 420 per 1.015-fold)
26 €

Schedule (269a-digit Session 1; 269 each additional session per 2.23-fold)
45,50 € (1.) any further 30 €

Diving aptitude examination
including lung function test schedule (1 + 7-digit per 2.3-fold, 605-fold 1.76)
57 €

Travel advice
(GOA-point 3 2.29-fold)
20 €

Travel Vaccinations
(GOA-digit 375, 1 per 2.15-fold) plus. Vaccine costs
10 €

(GOA-digit 284, 1 per 2.22-fold)
22 €

intravenous schedule (Section 271-2.29-fold) plus costs for medication
16 €

intramuscular schedule (Art. 252-2.15-fold) plus costs for medication
5 €

Short certificate
(paragraph 70 2.15-fold)
10 €

Detailed certificate
25 €

Detailed written expert opinion
Schedule (paragraph 85-2.3-fold) per beginning hour of work
67 €

Prostate screening test
20 €

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